Trade Secrets: clip in hair extensions, false eyelashes and more!

24th Jan 2010

Health and Fitness Magazine revealed my health and fitness trade secrets for looking and feeling great in their January Issue 2010.  It focused on some quick fix health and fitness improvements. 

As shown in the article (below right) my tips are; (see the article for more detail).

1.  MOVE.  Take the stairs instead of the lift, swap the car for walking, carry a shopping basket when you can instead of a trolley, catch up with friends on a walk rather than over cake.  There are lots of small changes you can make but the key is to move more!  Nearly all runners have lean slim bodies this is not by luck this is because they are moving!  There is no magic pill, a great body shape comes through hard work.  However, the most important things is staying active will keep you healthy.


3.  POSTURE.  For instant transformation stand up straight and never slouch.  Yoga and pilates can do wonders for your posture.

4.  SMILE.  Smiling is a win win, you will trigger positive emotional vibes for you and others.

Health and Fitness Magazine               Catherine Peck's health tips in Health and Fitness Magazine    

My number one fashion tip for looking great is, false eyelashes.  Lashes make your eyes stand out and give you luscious long eyelashes.  Most mascara adverts show the model wearing false eyelashes as they draw attention to the eyes.  Long lashes has been said to be a sign of beauty.  Undercover Glamour also provides clip in hair extensions, stick on bras, breast enhancers, nipple covers and more fashion and beauty accessories.

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