Struggling to find Breast Forms to Match Darker Skin Tones?

28th Feb 2022

Struggling to find breast forms for darker skin tones is now a thing of the past!  We listened to you and we have extended our colour range.  We now have dark brown breast prostheses which we designed to suit people of colour, and tanned prostheses to suit tanned skin and darker skin tones, as shown in the pictures below.

breast forms for people of colour and for darker skin tones
The benefit of being a small company is that when our customers give us feedback it goes right to the heart and we take action on it.  We provide breast forms to thousands of people worldwide.  We love helping people find the right breast forms or breast enhancers for them.  From helping women post-surgery, it has made us see so much strength and postitivity in women that it makes you want to do more in return.  We kept hearing from our customers of their disappointement that we only provided nude breast forms and that they would prefer a product that matched their own skin colour.  It was shared that they just couldn't find this anywhere and I personally felt guilty that we couldn't provide what women wanted, especially after they had already gone through so much.  This motivated us to work hard to create different options, which of course took longer than we hoped (as things always do)!  Finally we were happy with the two new shades of brown breast forms we had and are pleased to say they are now available, as shown below.

brown breast form for people of colour and darker skin

We plan to continue to keep expanding the range as best we can and have more options for people of colour.  Primarily our breast forms are helping women to feel balanced and comfortable post surgery, however we are now finding that our breast forms are helping the transgender community as well.  We help a large number of women that have had lumpectomies that are not looking for a full breast but in need of smaller bra padding to help even their shape with the other breast.  Women that have had reconstruction surgery on one breast may notice that the implant side is very full at the top and may not match their other breast which naturally is not as full at the top, our chicken fillets and breast enhancers are the perfect solution for this and can be worn on one side in your bra or bikini top to help even the way your chest looks. 

breast enhancers for lumpectomy and post surgery

As well as providing lingerie accessories we also have a great range of false eyelashes.  Beth, (our operations manager) recently added Eylure's C-Lashes to our selection of our favourite eyelashes.  The C-Lashes are designed by Codilia Gapare as replacement lashes.  The C-Lashes are natural lashes and ideal if you have lost your own lashes or if they are very sparse.  Codilia says, "I created C-Lash for people just like me (cancer survivor), I found that such a little change, getting my lashes back, made me feel like I had myself back."  You can see how the C-Lash is different to Eylure's standard lashes here,

We also recently extended our colour range in our silicone stick on bras providing nude, tan, clear and black bras, as shown in the photo below.  Lots of new positive developments have been made and steps in the right direction.

product photoshoot with cliqq photography with Undercover Glamour stick on bras

If you need help or would like to get in touch please contact us on 01284 723246 or send an email to Beth at  We are proud to offer a great selection of breast forms and breast enhancers at Undercover Glamour which has been developed through listening to our customers needs.  We are committed to increasing our range of styles of prostheses, so please keep sharing with us, so we can continue to offer the best breast form range to you.

breast enhancer and breast form banner

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