How to Look and Feel Amazing on your Wedding Day

26th Aug 2021

On the 31st July, 2021 my beautiful friend, Toni got married to her lovely husband, Brian.  The wedding was truly magical, and Toni looked incredible.  I think you will agree that she looks truly stunning.  I loved being her maid of honour on her special day and I wanted to share with you how she got her look and wedding so right.  So here are my 5 top tips to help you look and feel amazing on your wedding day.

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Tip 1 - Meet with your wedding photographer and practice your poses before your wedding day.

Let's face it, if you are not a celebrity, model, actress or an influencer the chances are that you are not experienced in how to get the perfect picture every time.  With a good wedding photographer now costing between £1600 to £4000 you want to make sure you are getting the best shot every time!

If you can meet with your wedding photographer before your big day and do some practice shots this will be invaluable.  Firstly, you will feel more relaxed working with your photographer on the day and secondly you will have a chance to review your posture and poses to make sure you are happy with how you will stand.  We practiced before Toni's wedding day and this most definitely helped Toni stand in the most flattering way, as you can see in the pictures below... she literally nailed every photo.

How to pose on your wedding day - bride tips - beauitful bride

Sarah, the wedding photographer shared with us how she had worked with brides before that she hadn't had a pre-run with, and quite frankly had some disappointing results where most of the photos of the bride were just not very good.  She said some brides felt and looked really awkward in front of the camera; this is therefore why she always has a practice run before the wedding day.  Sarah said, she had one experience where she ended up with all the images of a bride standing with a hunched back and another bride shrugging her shoulders in nearly every photo!  Don't let this be you.  Practice, and make sure you look great in every photo.

It is the simple things that can really help such as standing up straight, pushing your hip to the side, holding your shoulders back and your head up but slightly tilted down.  With your arms don't have them pressed closely against your body and keep them in a natural position.  It is also great to have lots of natural, unposed wedding photos too but you want to make sure you get a few of you looking sensational as how often is it that you have a wedding day. 

Stunning bride on her wedding day wearing white backless dress

Tip 2 - Keep your makeup artist and hair stylist with you until you have completed all the group photos.

If you can afford it, it is best to ask your wedding makeup artist/ hair stylist to stay with you until after the group photos are taken.  You will go to your wedding ceremony looking perfect and walk down the aisle with flawless makeup as it has just been done.  I always find it interesting when the makeup artist leaves as the bride goes off to the church or their ceremony, as they will come back an hour or so later, before moving on to take all their organised wedding photos with the family.  In this time, maybe you will be the bride that has cried some of your makeup away, or maybe your veil which you wish to remove has messed up your hair, or maybe your veil needs rearranging.  Having your makeup artist still with you, gives you a chance to have a quick touch up before your family and guest photos.  You may be able to rely on your maid of honour for these duties but if you can afford it, I would recommend keeping your makeup artist with you until this point, as a professional is always going to do a better job.

Tip 3 - Plan your wedding lingerie at least a few weeks before your wedding day!

We get many last minute panic calls from brides needing a stick on bra and asking for Next Day Delivery as their wedding is in a few days!  It will be much more relaxing for you if you plan your wedding lingerie more than a few weeks before your wedding day.  This will give you time to exchange items if you need to regarding the size and style.  Making sure your choice of wedding lingerie works with your dress before the day is key, as you are not going to want a VPL or bra straps on show on your wedding day.

Most days we will get calls from brides sharing that they have lost last minute weight before their wedding, and their wedding dress is now gaping at the bust area.  Luckily, we can help, as we have a great range of padded stick on bras to solve the issue.

We have a great range of stick on bras to work with all wedding dresses, ranging from A to G cup, see for our product range.  You can also see our article, "Which Stick on Bra is best for your Wedding Dress", to help you select the bra that will be the best fit for you.

Tip 4 - You 100% need a Makeup and Hair Trial with your Wedding Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist prior to the day.

Having a bridal hair and makeup trial is vital to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day, and that you are confident you will end up with the look you want.  After you have your makeup trial make sure you take some photos so you can see how you will look in the photos as this is a great way to assess the makeup rather than just looking in the mirror.  Once happy with your bridal look, you know that on the day you can sit back and relax and leave the work to the professionals.

Bride and Mother of the Bride - beautiful wedding outfits - perfect mother of the bride outfit

My friend, Kathryn Diaper owner of Doll Creative was responsible for Toni's beautiful bridal hair and makeup, as shown in the pictures.  Kathryn also did Tessa's makeup (mother of the bride) as in the picture above, my hair and the bridesmaids' hair, along with her assistant styling 6 flower girls and bridesmaids' hair.  I really recommend getting your wedding makeup artist and hair stylist to do all your bridesmaids hair styling as then everyone has the same style/ look and keeping it consistent makes for great tidy photos and a very elegant looking bridal team to walk with you down the aisle.

You can see Kathryn's work and bridal hair styles @doll_creative.

I feel that the best wedding bridal looks are going for an enhanced version of you.  We love false eyelashes for bringing attention to your eyes and for fluttery, long lashes.  See our range of our favourite false eyelashes to give you beautiful long lashes on your wedding day.

Tip 5 - Plan the theme, and make sure the colours will compliment your dress and style.

Consistency and colour co-ordination is key to have wedding photos to remember.  Your photos will look much neater if the bridesmaids are all wearing the same style of dress, the same nail varnish, and have the same makeup and hair style.  If you can get your main wedding party to colour co-ordinate with the depth of the colour that they wear that will really help.  Choosing the colour of the flowers and bouquets to match the bridesmaids and your wedding dress will also help for incredible photos.

Lilac themed wedding

Toni and Brian went for a lilac colour theme; dreamy and soft.  They incorporated their lilac colour theme through the bouquets, flower arrangements, our bridesmaid dresses, and the ties which all blended perfectly with their beautiful garden.  Even their wedding cake carried the soft and dreamy theme through with the gorgeous flowers as shown in the pictures below.

beautiful wedding cake with pink and lilac flower decorations      beautiful flower wedding cake

When choosing your colour theme for your wedding it is best to stick to just 3 main colours, and it will always be easier to choose a colour theme based on flowers that are readily available.  It is also worth considering your venue and making sure your colour theme and style of dress fits with the choice of venue.  Most importantly choose the colours that you love.  If you follow these steps your wedding will look just as perfect and co-ordinated as Toni's and Brian's.

How to look and feel great on your wedding day - Antonia and Brian Gobey's wedding

For more tips from us, see our Beauty Tips for Your Wedding article.  All pictures by myself, @catherinepeck1 and Kathryn @doll_creative.

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