How to get Kate Middleton's Hair using clip in hair extensions

9th Jul 2012

Updated on 12th April, 2020

Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge always has the most beautiful, well groomed glossy hair, her hair has been a source of fascination since her marriage to Prince William, with women around the world wishing to have hair looking like hers.  Her famously flawless blow-drys are a hair inspiration for many, and including us.  On one of our Undercover Glamour hair extensions photoshoots we recreate a Kate Middleton hair look.  See how it is done below.

Kate Middleton beautiful bouncy, wavy hair

Kate’s hair is famous for being thick, glossy and bouncy.  Whilst Kate is blessed with super thick and long hair, you can also achieve a Kate Middleton hairstyle even if you have finer hair or shorter hair.  Celebrity hair stylist, Sian Duke uses clip in hair extensions on Catherine Peck's (our company director) hair, as shown in the picture below showing Catherine's natural fine hair and then the after picture showing the result with styled clip in hair extensions.  Clip in hair extensions are great as you can instantly create a new more fuller or longer looking hair style in minutes.

Catherine Peck before and after pictures of Undercover Glamour clip in hair extensions

Sian Duke, our makeup artist and hair stylist talks you through how she got got the Kate Middleton full hair look on Catherine Peck (pic above).

How to achieve thick, bouncy, wavy hair:

  • Begin by washing and conditioning your own hair, preferably with a volumising solution, and then detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Next step is to put heat-protecting spray on your hair, then blow-dry until it is about 80% dry.
  • Hair should be blow-dried in sections, and ends curled with a round brush.
  • When hair is completely dry, you can back-brush the underside near the roots to create more volume. Lift the top layer of the hair which is closest to your roots and rapidly comb this hair the opposite way. Combing the underside of this hair like this achieves volume without the mess. When you lay the hair down once again, it will be volumous but smooth on top.

If you are going to wear clip-in hair extensions to help achieve the look, take these and begin to style.

  • Next, take your pre-curled clip-in hair extensions and attach these to the underside of your hair. The back-brushing which you have done will also help to hide the clips.
  • With your own remaining hair, perform the same curling action as done above with the clip-in extensions to complete the look.
  • Once curled, your hair will be bouncy and voluminous just like Kate’s.   Don’t forget to fix your new style in place with a generous spritz of hairspray!  


               Kate Middleton's gorgeous hair

Once finished, your hair should look as beautiful and full as Kate Middleton's hair as in the picture above right.  The picture above left, shows Sian Duke, our makeup artist and hair stylist working on Catherine's hair.  You can also watch Sophie Shohet's hair tutorial, as below on "How to achieve loose waves/curls hair tutorial, curls that last and don't fall out or drop."

Sophie Shohet (above) recreates Kate Middleton's desired long, bouncy hair.  Sophie doesn't naturally have really thick hair so she uses our Undercover Glamour clip in hair extensions in the video.  This hair style is perfect for Prom or for a wedding or bridal look.  The video includes a beauty tutorial on how to achieve big glamorous waves using our deluxe clip-in hair extensions.  The hair look is perfect for Valentine’s Day, party hair, and for special occasions  – or even for Bridal hair style ideas.   Sophie uses 1 set of quad-weft “Deluxe” clip in extensions from Undercover Glamour and a T3 Bodywave to get the look.

Undercover Glamour clip in hair extensions banner with model Isobelle Allan

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