Fashion Edits interviews Catherine Peck, our founder on what makes our products exceptional

22nd Jun 2013

Updated on 24th April, 2020. 

Since this article was published we now have improved the hair extension range even more!  We now offer quad weft hair extensions, our thickest hair extensions yet (Deluxe range) as well as the original triple weft range (Classic range).  The article has been updated accordingly.


Fashion editor, Liz Maher of the trendy online fashion and beauty magazine, Fashion Edits catches up with Catherine Peck of Undercover Glamour, and has a look into Undercover Glamour's plans, new products and more!  Fashion Edits is an online network for fashion industry professionals.  See the interview below.

Liz Maher:  What makes Undercover Glamour products exceptional?

Catherine Peck:  Undercover Glamour's products are all about making you feel great and look great with your dress.  Most of the products will completely transform your look, whether it is instantly getting celebrity looking hair with the clip in hair extensions or a bigger bust with the breast enhancers, or padded stick on bras, or a Beyoncé-looking bum with the padded knickers/ bottom enhancers!

You can see the difference the hair extensions make on our model, Isabelle in the before and after picture below.  To view more of our clip in hair extensions' before and after pictures please view,

Undercover Glamour clip in hair extensions before and after pictures


Liz Maher:  Your clip in hair extensions have been to the Oscars and BAFTA’s. What makes them unique?

Catherine Peck:  Our clip in hair extensions are unique because they are all lovely and thick.  We have a Deluxe range which are our thickest hair extensions, these are quad weft extensions.  Quad weft means that there are 4 layers of hair per hair weft.  Our Classic range of hair extensions are all triple weft hair extensions. Triple weft means that there are 3 layers of hair sewn on to one piece, so you have more hair on one piece than say with single or double weft extensions.

Our hair extensions now have more hair, with less clips and hair pieces.  We have learnt from our customers that this is what they want, as when we first manufactured single weft hair extensions we received customer feedback that said the hair extensions were not as thick as hoped.  The single weft, 18 inch hair extensions that we first produced on launch had 12 pieces of hair with 100 grams of hair on.  From feedback, we then created double weft extensions but still customers were saying it would be even better if we had even more hair on each piece.  From our customers feedback we now create and sell triple weft (The Classic range) and quad weft (Deluxe range).  

Our 18 inch Classic and Deluxe clip in hair extensions now come with 130 grams of hair per set, and the Deluxe with 200 grams of hair per set.  The Deluxe sets now have double the amount of hair per set than our very first hair extensions on sale (100 grams compared to 200 grams), and with half the hair pieces (12 pieces compared to 6 hair pieces).  So you can see how each hair piece now has a lot of hair on it, this is so much better as it is much easier to hide 6 pieces of hair with fewer clips in your hair than 12 pieces of hair with lots of clips.

one of our customers wearing our hair extensions at the Oscars

In the picture above, our customer, Tamara Paterson is wearing hair extensions from our Classic range at the Oscars.

Liz Maher:  Do you have any “ins” with stylists from your modeling gigs?

Catherine Peck:  Due to my connection in the modeling world, the products are being used by many stylists and makeup artists for film, music videos and for fashion shoots.


Liz Maher:  What does the future hold for Undercover Glamour?

Catherine Peck:  The main plan is to extend the product lines that fit under the Undercover Glamour brand. We are also keen to produce more interactive videos and tutorials for our Youtube Channel and try to make these more fun, which I will focus on over the summer once the accounts are up to date for this financial year now. We have new products that just arrived like new Breast Forms that are amazing, so real.  We have the Full Breast Enhancers (that) are great for flat chested and petite women that want a bigger bust for, say, a night out or for a special occasion to make their figure look more curvy. 

We noticed that many women who had mastectomies were buying these, which was not my original thought but more for the girl who wanted the bigger bust. The customers that had mastectomies were disappointed with this type of breast enhancer as they were hoping for a lifelike breast that was more squishy and soft like breast tissue.  So, we have manufactured some that are so lifelike that I am excited to list them, and I think our customers will be pleased.  If the new breast forms are successful, I plan to have a range with more size options. 

We, also have a new stick on bra in stock that is ultra padded, which I can’t wait to wear myself!  The padded stick on bras are a great solution for wedding dresses, especially because we get customers saying that they have lost weight before the wedding.  A common problem is the bride-to-be will tell us that their wedding dress now gaps over the bust area, our padded bras can instantly solve that problem.

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