Catherine Peck's, our Company Director's 31st Birthday Bash at Mahiki - PARTY!

10th Jan 2013

Thank you to Mahiki for hosting our Company Director's birthday bash again and thanks to Sunny Sidhu for organising.  We love Mahiki for the glam venue and all enjoyed dressing up for the occasion.  Catherine had a fab time on her birthday and was really glad that Gemma and Katie both made it, (they both help with website management, SEO and customer orders in their university holidays) and all her friends.

Catherine wore her Lipsy Dress which was given to her by Kainaz for her b'day, Kainaz is an account manager at Lipsy (pictured on the right and also wearing a Lipsy Dress), and Catherine wore her Undercover Glamour, no. 4, Dark Brunette Hair Extensions, Sunny is wearing Undercover Glamour's no. 1B clip in hair extensions (pictured on the left) and a dress from Celebrity Boutique.

Catherine Peck birthday celebrations at Mahiki, London


Everyone had a fab time and lots to drink! Thank you to Mahiki, London for hosting the event and having us all.

mahiki london party

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