Beauty Tips for your Wedding Day

15th May 2012

Updated on 11th April, 2020.

Your wedding day will be one of your most memorable days of your life and as you walk down the aisle, with all focus on you, you will want to be looking and feeling your best.  Achieving the perfect bridal look will take some preparation, planning and hard work.  To help you feel great on your wedding day and ready for the all-important wedding photos we have put together some tips for you.

1.  If your body is not already in the shape you want it to be, it is time for some action!

You want to begin preparations early with healthy eating, drinking lots of water and lots of exercise.  Hopefully a healthy lifestyle is already part of your daily life but if it is not and you know you have some work to do, there should never be more motivation than for your wedding day.  Your photos will be with you for the rest of your life so you want to make sure on this day you are happy with how you look and know you have made the most amount of effort possible to be as healthy as you can be.

If you still drink fizzy drinks or lots of alcohol which you know you shouldn't, now is time to leave them behind and only keep for very special treats.  Review your diet, is it as healthy as it can be; are you including lots of fruit and veg and protein into your daily diet, could you consume less sugar, could you drink more water?  Think about how you could make some small changes and your body will be thankful. 

We should all have lots of exercise in our lives for both a healthy body and a healthy mind.  If your body is not in the shape you are proud of now is the time to really motivate you to move more!  Hopefully most people reading this, are already enjoying lots of sports and fitness activities and therefore do not need to change anything in the lead up to their wedding day.  However, if you know you have been rather lazy of late and neglecting your body now is the time to start moving!  Exercising doesn't just have to involve going to the gym, you can start exploring more by walking, running and cycling, play sports with friends, take up new active hobbies that you have always wanted to do, i.e., yoga, gymnastics or rollerskating!  Even small changes will help, for example, are you the lazy one that always takes the lift and not the stairs, do you always park your car as near to the entrance as possible?!  If this is you, just making sure you move more will both make you feel better and look better. 

If you need help with motivation, joining fitness classes is a really great way to get your body in shape and healthy as it always helps to have someone shouting and encouraging you, group exercise usually makes you more competitive and therefore you push yourself harder and will get results faster.  A healthy body is always a combination of healthy eating and drinking and exercise. 

The day before your wedding day try to avoid excessive drinking or eating, as bloodshot eyes and hangovers, and a bloated stomach never make for a blushing bride!  And make sure you get your beauty sleep.  Your body is what you put in to it after all, hopefully most of you reading this are already looking after your bodies so there is not anything for you to do with this point, but if you know you are not the healthiest hopefully the above will encourage you to make some positive changes for your health, which will result in more energy allowing you to bound down the aisle!  A healthy lifestyle will also do wonders for your skin and hair allowing you to glow on your wedding day.

Our company director, Catherine Peck in the pic below.

Catherine Peck stunts wedding dress

2.  Achieve your dream wedding hair.
One of the most important features is your hair, whether short or long, it is worth investing in a professional hair stylist for the day. Whilst many women have become experts at fashioning their own hair, a professional will be able to immaculately style hair-dos which are elaborate or difficult to create yourself.  A wedding hair stylist will give your hair a celebrity finish, keep it fixed in place, and relieve you from stress of trying to style your own hair on the day.  Find a hair stylist that you like and make sure you do some test runs in advance to make sure you are both happy.  Our friend and wedding hair stylist, Kathryn Diaper shares her beautiful hair styles that she has created for brides, see her instagram to get some really great inspiration and ideas,

doll creative wedding hair ideas

On the day, if you are having an updo or special wedding hair style make sure you have 2nd day hair as it will hold your hair style a lot better than if your hair is freshly washed.  This will make your hair stylists job a lot easier and your hair style will last into the night.

If you are not blessed with naturally thick bouncy hair one of the best ways to make your hair look lovely and thick is to use clip in hair extensions.  Our, Undercover Glamour clip in hair extensions are available in short lengths, 12 inches and 16 inches, long lengths in 18 inches and 20 inches, and then super long lengths in 22 inches and 24 inches.  Our human hair extensions will give you a natural looking fuller head of hair, and can also be used to make your hair longer.   Our hair extensions are suitable for all hair types, our clip in hair extensions will not damage your locks and will help complete your hairstyle for the day.  See the difference our Classic range of clip in hair extensions make on our model below.  We also offer Deluxe hair extensions which are our super thick, most luxurious hair extensions, the Deluxe sets have almost twice as much hair per set as the Classic range.

before and after clip in hair extensions picture with model Isabelle Allan

3.  Makeup - go for an enhanced version of yourself.

We recommend going for an enhanced version of yourself on your wedding day as you should still look like you.  I personally like a natural makeup look but an enhanced look.  I love false eyelashes for accentuating your eyes, it has been said that long lashes are a sign of beauty.  I am personally not a fan of bright lip colours for brides, however the most important thing is to choose what you like and feel happy with.   Your wedding day is not a time to go for a look that you are unsure of.

On the day itself, invest in an experienced bridal makeup artist.  Kathryn Diaper, of Doll Creative charges £180 for the bride's hair and makeup on the day and £100 per bridesmaid, and a trial is £175, for such a qualified and experienced makeup artist this is a very reasonable price.  This is great value for money as not only can you trust your makeup will look on point, you can also sit back and relax while getting ready.  You will need to do makeup trials before the big day to make sure you are happy.  If you do not like what the makeup artist has done in your trial, make sure you tell them, there is no point in feeling like you have to go along with their look as they are happy, politely say, that this look does not feel like you and could you try something else.  You should have a good idea before your trial and it will help if you take some examples of bridal makeup looks you like and would like to achieve for yourself.  Bridal makeup artist, Kathryn Diaper shares many of her bridal looks on her instagram, and as in the picture below.  Having your makeup done will help you to relax and have a worry-free day.

Doll Creative Makeup
Before your big day, put yourself in pole position by following a beautiful skin plan, this includes a good cleansing routine, and maybe treat yourself to some facials. If you have skin that is prone to acne or breakouts, keeping a healthy diet is essential and drinking lots of water is a given.  Knowing about your skin type is essential - make sure you select the right foundation shade so that you neither look washed out nor overdone and especially not orange!  When you select your shade, testing some on your jaw line is a good tip. If the colour blends with your skin, you know that this is the perfect shade.  If you have sensitive skin avoid using new products on your wedding day; nobody wants blotchiness or an allergic reaction when walking down the aisle!  Again, arranging test runs with your makeup artist will avoid this problem and ensure that you achieve the perfect look to last you the entirety of the day.

We offer some great brow and lash products from Eylure.  We have chosen our favourite range of false eyelashes for you, please view our range   We love lashes as they enhance your eyes and make a huge difference in front of the camera.  Make sure you wear waterproof mascara in case of tears of happiness.  We also offer some great brow products to help you have the perfect brows for you wedding day, we have brow shapers, brow stencils, and brow pencils to help you have the perfect shaped brows.

4.  Achieve beautiful sunkissed skin.
If you have pale skin and are unable to get an all-over natural body tan it could be worth investing in a professional spray tan.  I am personally a big fan of spray tans as you will avoid problematic tan lines, and they give you an instant healthy looking holiday glow.   Whilst a sunkissed and healthy look is preferable, remember not to over-do it, you don’t want to look orange in comparison to the groom and other guests, particularly in the photos – a natural colour in best.  When I get a spray tan I always request to look like I have been on holiday for 10 days rather than looking like I have been the sun for months.  I also ask the spray tanner to go lightly over my face as I have found that too much spray tan on my face has caused some horrible under the skin spots in the past.

Catherine Peck model wedding pic

If you do plan to get a spray tan it is best to do so a few days before the wedding so the colour settles.  Our company director, Catherine Peck in the picture above had a spray tan before her wedding and was happy with the colour.  Also, we are a fan of shimmer moisturizers, a really lovely one is by L'Occitane, their Cherry Blossom moisturizer has a lovely shimmer to it.  If your skin is already the colour you wish for your wedding then all we recommend is applying some lovely moisturizer so your skin is smooth and soft, and as mentioned before drinking lots of water to the lead up to the wedding is paramount for healthy looking skin.

5.  Stick on Bras for your Wedding Dress.
Stick on bras are great for strapless or backless bridal gowns as they don't have any bra straps.  Our company founder,  Catherine Peck wore one of our bridal, padded stick on bras with her wedding dress, as in the picture below.  We have a great range of stick on bras available in A to G cup.

It is common for women to lose weight in the lead up to their big day, many women find that this leaves them with a dress less fitted at the front as their bra size decreases and the dress may now gape at the front.  A perfect solution for this is to wear one of our padded stick on bras to fill the gap and give a natural appearance.  Or, if you are wearing a normal bra you can wear some breast enhancers to help fill out the dress, or for those of you who won’t be wearing a bra at all under your dress, Undercover Glamour’s nipple covers are a perfect solution for avoiding any nipple poke through. 

The most important thing on your wedding day is just to smile, as happiness is the most beautiful thing of all.

Catherine Peck at Likuliku Lagoon Resort in Fiji

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