A Summer of Celebrity Weddings

30th Aug 2013

Olympic track cyclist and Gold Medalist, Victoria Pendleton and her former GB trainer Scott Gardner make it official adding a ‘gold band to her collection of gold medals’ as shown in Hello Magazine.  Victoria Pendleton is famous for winning Gold in the 2008 Olympics for the Sprint (track cycling) and Silver in the Keirin (track cycling), and then winning Gold and Silver medals in the 2012 Olympics for the Keirin and Sprint respectively.  Victoria is an incredibly talented and driven athlete, and it was wonderful to see her looking so radiant and happy on her wedding day.

 Victoria Pendleton and Scott Gardner marriage

With many wedding dresses being strapless, backless, or lacy (like the bridal gown Victoria is wearing), it often makes finding the perfect bra a little tricky.  Fortunately, at Undercover Glamour we can offer you fantastic solutions, our stick on bras are perfect for wearing with wedding dresses. The stick on bras are perfect because they do not have any bra straps, they just stick directly onto your breasts, allowing you to have the comfort of wearing a bra but without having bra straps on show.  Not only are the adhesive bras ideal for wedding dresses, but also for bridesmaid dresses.  I am sure Victoria Pendleton’s beautiful bridesmaids may have worn stick on bra cups, or nipple covers with their bridesmaid dresses to give a lovely shape to the bust and to prevent any uncomfortable nipple poke through. 

Victoria's five bridesmaids wore the same dress in 2 different colours, each able to wear the dress in their preferred style.  The bridesmaid dresses, as shown in the picture below can be worn in many different ways, ranging from strapless to halter neck to off the shoulder, therefore making a stick on bra essential as no matter what style there will be no straps visible, or any unwanted nipple poke through!

 Victoria Pendleton and her bridesmaids

We have a number of beautiful padded stick on bras available in the bridal range which are great for brides who wish to enhance their bust and have a lovely round shape, the padded bras are also very useful if you, as a bride or bridesmaid have lost weight prior to the wedding and since your dress fitting and need to fill out the chest area.  Our stick on bras are available in A to G cup, you can see the range at www.undercover-glamour.com/stick-on-bras

Victoria looks stunning in her backless wedding dress as shown in the picture below.  Victoria Pendleton's wedding dress is made by British Designer, Suzanne Neville.

 Victoria Pendleton and her former GB trainer Scott Gardner

Another great beauty product for weddings are our clip in hair extensions that will enable you to create that dream wedding hair do for the all-important I DO!  We have a great range of human hair extensions from 12 inches in length to 24 inches in length.  The hair extensions are brilliant for giving you lots more hair to work with for fabulous head turning hair styles.  Victoria Pendleton who usually has quite fine hair when seen ‘au natural’ on the track, had a beautiful, thick hair for her wedding.  She may well have worn hair extensions to help her create the stunning look by adding more volume and having thicker, fuller hair before styling. 

We love sharing happy occasions of inspirational women, and Victoria truly looks stunning on her wedding day.

Undercover Glamour bridal stick on bra banner testimonial

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