Britney Spears

Britney's Back and Stronger than Yesterday

24th Oct 2016

Britney Spears is back, looking more fabulous than ever and with a new album for us. We were excited to provide our Undercover Glamour fashion products for her for the promotion of her new, Glory Album in the October issue of Marie Claire UK.

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Summer Wedding, Wedding Dress Accessories

Help, My Wedding Dress Is Too Big!

1st Sep 2016

It can be very stressful planning a wedding, so much in fact, you can lose weight! Sounds great, right? Well, not if you’re wedding dress is now too big.

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Hammasa Model Human Hair Extensions

Our Brand New Quad Weft Hair Extensions.

1st Aug 2016

The ultimate hair extensions are in, and we’re delighted to be sharing them with you.

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Medium Marcus Day Wedding, Wedding Cake, Hair Extensions Stick on Bra

The Perfect Wedding

1st Jul 2016

My beautiful friend Emma made a life changing decision to marry her best friend and life partner Marcus Day. After a year of planning, the perfect day was upon us, with myself (Operations Manager - Beth) as one of the many bridesmaids.

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Aqua Fit, Float Fit Helly Hansen Sportswear

Time to get fit, healthy and outdoors with the Great Outdoors Week, get your FREE PASS here.

25th Jun 2016

I had to smile, here I was ready to participate in the launch of the Great Outdoors Week and it is tipping it down with rain. Not the most inviting weather to get out there, and get active.

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Thank You Sign

Thank You for Your Feedback!

1st May 2016

We recently asked for your opinion of our Hair Extensions, about the quality, colour variety, and volume of hair. We had a crazy amount of response from you guys, with amazing feedback.

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Annabelle Daisy Loveluck Modelling Human Hair Extensions and Stick on Bra

Getting Party Perfect for your Prom

1st Apr 2016

We love proms and parties here at Undercover Glamour, and we want to share with you our must-have fashion accessories to get you perfectly prepared for your prom.

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Facial Hair Removal Soring, Tweezy, Epilator Spring

How to remove Facial Hair - the nightmare problem that so many Women experience.

1st Mar 2016

The Tweezy is a multi-award winning facial hair removal device. It is quick and easy to use, and almost pain free. It is the perfect solution to unwanted facial hair.

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Endercover Elegance, Catherine Peck Frent Plait, Essex Life Magazine

Recreating the Perfectly Messy French Plait

1st Feb 2016

This month, Undercover Glamour's very own Company Director, Catherine Peck, modelled a fabulous French Plait for Essex Life Magazine, with hair styling from Tikadi's very own Hayley Quinlin. We are very excited to share Hayley's step by step guide.

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Celebrity Make Up Artist Sian Duke Give Hammasa a Makeover with Human hair Extensions

Celeb Makeup Artist, Sian Duke shares her Beauty Tips with us.

12th Dec 2015

MUA, Sian Duke takes us through her step by step guide on how she got this makeup look on model, Hammasa for our Undercover Glamour Photoshoot.

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