Bra Strap Converter

The Bra Strap Clip is great for:

Great for:

  • Instantly creating a cross back bra to wear with a cross back top.
  • Hiding bra straps for racer (razor) back tops, ideal for sports bras and tops.
  • Stopping bra straps from slipping by pulling them together at the back.
  • Pulling the bra straps together at the back will give bust an instant boost and lift.


Price: £3.50

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How to Use:

1. Loosen your bra straps by 1/2 inch to an inch as the bra strap clip will pull the bra straps closer together which requires more length.

2. Hold the bra strap clip behind the top of your back and get hold of your left bra strap and place through the left side of the clip, simply push the left plastic piece on the clip upwards to allow the bra strap to thread through.

3. Then get hold of your right bra strap and place through the right hand side of the clip.

4. You can move the bra strap clip upwards or downwards to get the right position for you and to find the correct place for it to hide your bra straps inside your top.