Bra Extender - 3 hooks

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Our bra strap extenders are the perfect solution for your pretty bras that no longer fit.  The Bra Extender can increase the circumference of your bra band strap by up to 4 cms.  Suitable for a 3 hook bra strap, please also see our multi pack offer.

Available in Nude, Black and Peach.

  • Suitable for bra straps with 3 hooks
  • 5 cms in length by 5.5 cm in width
  • Cotton with a comfortable felt backing
  • 3 metal hooks to hook onto your bra's band strap
  • Helps for bust sizes that are in-between bra sizes i.e., 33B or a 35B bra

The Bra Strap Extender has 3 bra extension lengths; the longest bra strap extension will add 4 cms, the middle hooks will add 3 cms extra, and the shortest bra extension will be 1.5 cms.  You can choose the hooks that provide the best fit for you.

Additional Information

Why Bra Extenders are such an useful Lingerie Accessory
Bra Extenders are the perfect solution if you have experienced temporary weight gain and your bras are now on the tight side.  Rather than having to buy new bras you can use a temporary and inexpensive solution by simply attaching a Bra Extender to your back band strap on your bra to extend the length of the bra circumference. 

How to wear the Bra Extender
The 3 hook Bra Extender fits a bra with three bra strap hooks wide.  This Bra Extender is for bigger bra band straps that are much wider and therefore have 3 hooks to do up, rather than the normal 2 hooks on bras.  Simply hook the three hooks on the bra strap extender to your bra's bra strap hooks to extend the length of your back bra strap.  Do up your bra as normal but by attaching your bra to the new bra strap extender hooks, which are now attached to your bra to make the band strap longer.

How to clean your Bra Extender
The 3 hook Bra Extender is machine washable.  Please wash on a low setting and leave to air dry.   Do not tumble dry.  To prolong the life of the Bra Extender it is best to put in a wash bag/ bra bag before placing in the washing machine.  You can also hand wash the Bra Extender.