How to Put In your Full Head Clip-in Hair Extensions - Step by Step Guide:


You will need a comb or brush, long hair clip or hair band and a set of clip-in hair extensions.

1.  Make sure your hair is brushed and tangle free.

2.  It is a good idea to brush the clip-in hair extensions before you put them in. When brushing hold the hair at the top rather than from the clips as this will avoid pulling on where the hair is attached to the clips and prevent it from weakening and coming away from the clips.

3.  Lift most of your hair up (top part) by using a comb to section the hair and then hold it up with a long hair clip or hair band. Make sure you leave some hair out at the bottom of your scalp to attach the first hair piece. It is best to work from the bottom up to the top when adding clip-in hair extensions.

4.  Hold the hair where you wish to attach the clips. If you have very fine hair you may want to backcomb your hair to the roots to thicken up your hair for the clips to have more hold. You can then use hair spray to hold the hair in place.

5.  If you have purchased the full head of clip-in hair extensions it is recommended to apply the 5.8 inch wide piece (3 clips per piece) first as this provides the best fit to the bottom of your scalp.

6.  Once the hair extension is in place pull out a little hair from your top section of your hair to cover the clips. You are then ready to add the next piece. It is recommended to apply the 6.8 inch wide piece (with 3 clips) a bit higher up. Work from the bottom up.

7.  Follow the above process, each time releasing a little more hair to cover the clips attached and to allow you to clip the next hair piece.

8.  The 5.8 inch and 6.8 inch wide (with 3 clips per piece) pieces are best to add to the middle of your scalp as they will run from the one ear to the other ear.

9.  Then add the 2 clip pieces and then the 1 clip pieces as these are best to add at the very top of your scalp as it is easier to hide just 1 clip higher up and then find the hair to cover the clip.

10.  Check to make sure that you do not have any clips showing and brush your hair and the hair extensions to blend together.  You can also use hair straighteners or curling tongs to help blend the hair.  You are now finished and ready to party!