How to put on your Party Wig.

  1. Start by French plaiting your own hair (preferably centre parted with 2 braids).  This will keep your hair as flat to your head as possible to prevent lumps and bumps under your wig and it will help to stop loose hairs falling from under your wig.   If you struggle to do a French plait on yourself, or don’t have someone to do this for you, you can part your hair down the centre and create 2 side braids starting at the bottom of your hairline.   One you have reached the end of each plait, you will need to pin these in place with two bobby pins.  Take the right braid and bring it round the back of your head to the left and follow your hairline until you reach the tip, and pin this in place.  Repeat this with the left braid, bringing it round to the right and following your hairline.
  2. Gently comb through the synthetic hair, making sure to firmly hold the hair at the roots to prevent shedding.  Detangle the hair before putting the wig on for easier application and styling.
  3. Hold the wig upside down with the front of the wig facing you.
  4. Set the front of the wig against your hairline and gently flip the wig over and use the hair slide (fitted in the wig) to secure it in place at the base of your head.
  5. You can now adjust the positioning of the wig until it feels comfortable and looks natural.

If the wig is too loose, there is a strap inside which can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly.  Whether you are wearing red wigs, bob wigs, blue wigs or long wigs, the technique is still the same.

Don’t forget, they aren’t just fancy dress wigs. They can be used for hen parties, Halloween costumes, fun nights out, or if you’re super confident, you can wear them every day!