#60 Barbie Blonde - Clip in Hair Extensions - Full Head

Celebrity Match: Iggy Azalea

Transform your hair with our full head, triple weft, clip in hair extensions. With lots of hair per set, they will guarantee ultra-long, full looking hair.  100% REMY hair, tangle free and of the highest quality.  Barbie Blonde is best suited for blonde hair that has been bleached and toned; it is our lightest blonde colour.  This colour can also be described as Baby Blonde, it is light in hue and has more warmth than platinum blonde.  A beautiful light blonde for a natural look.

  • Available in 12, 16, 18, 20, 22 or 24 inches in length
  • Treat as normal hair; curl and style
  • 100% real human hair for the most natural look
  • Triple Weft hair extensions (this means that there are 3 layers of hair on one piece) - more hair, less clips.
  • Double Drawn hair extensions - lovely and full at the bottom of the extensions.
  • The Triple Weft sets are super soft and most popular for everyday hair styles.


Hair Length Options:

12 inch - 100g set weight (90g Human Hair)
16 inch - 120g set weight (110g Human Hair)
18 inch - 140g set weight (130g Human Hair)
20 inch - 160g set weight (150g Human Hair)
22 inch - 180g set weight (170g Human Hair)
24 inch - 220g set weight (210g Human Hair)


All our hair meets high ethical standards.

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Price: £69.99

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Each set is made up of 6 pieces of hair and includes:
2 pieces of hair with 2 clips
2 pieces of hair with 3 clips (each piece is 5.8” wide)
2 pieces of hair with 3 clips (each piece is 6.8” wide)

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Catherine, our company director says: “Putting in my clip in hair extensions for a night out or special occasion is my top beauty secret, as I love the way it transforms my look, and I am sure that thicker, fuller looking hair makes me look younger tooThe hair extensions are made from beautiful human hair and therefore will blend naturally with your own hair.  Our Classic range of clip in hair extensions are perfect to wear in the day as well as in the evening as they are not heavy on your hair and are comfortable to wear."