#6/18 Caramel Almond Blend - Clip in Hair Extensions - Full Head

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Celebrity Match: Supermodel, Gisele Bu╠łndchen

These beautiful sun-kissed brunette hair extensions are silky soft and made with 100% real human hair.  The mix of natural brunette with golden blonde highlights will blend perfectly with your real hair if your hair is a medium brown, or a medium brown with highlights.  The golden blonde highlights are a soft honey blonde colour and will give warmth to your hair.  This colour is also described as a bronde balayage. 

  • Available in 12, 16, 18, 20, 22 or 24 inches in length
  • Honey brown hair - brown hair with caramel highlights
  • 100% remy human hair for silky soft hair
  • Triple Weft hair extensions (this means that there are 3 layers of hair on one piece, so you have more hair on one piece than say single or double weft) - more hair, less clips.
  • Double Drawn hair extensions (this means that the hair is almost 100% as thick at the tips as it is at the top) - lovely and full at the bottom of the extensions.


Hair Length Options:

12 inch - 100g set weight (90g Human Hair)
16 inch - 120g set weight (110g Human Hair)
18 inch - 140g set weight (130g Human Hair)
20 inch - 160g set weight (150g Human Hair)
22 inch - 180g set weight (170g Human Hair)
24 inch - 220g set weight (210g Human Hair)


All our hair meets high ethical standards.

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Additional Information

Each set is made up of 6 pieces of hair and includes:

2 pieces of hair with 2 clips
2 pieces of hair with 3 clips (each piece is 5.8” wide)
2 pieces of hair with 3 clips (each piece is 6.8” wide)

How to Care for your Hair Extensions

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Catherine, our company director says: “This is a beautiful colour for a balayage look.  The caramel, honey blonde highlights provide much warmth and energy to your hair.  It truly is a stunning colour.  The hair extensions are so easy to clip in and you can choose the length and thickness you want depending on the occasion.  They are light on your hair and therefore comfortable to wear.  The hair is lovely and thick at the ends. Clip in hair extensions are my top beauty secret for transforming my look."