#99J Mahogany - Intense Red - Clip in Hair Piece

Add more volume to your hair with our Mahogany - Intense Red Hair Piece.  1 piece of beautifully silky soft hair per pack.  Our Mahogany hair colour will suit those that have dyed their hair a Dark Cherry Red, or Mahogany.  This colour is also described as a Deep Burgundy or as a dark plum colour and is our darkest shade of red with a purple tone.  The Hair Piece is triple weft so there is lots of hair and it stays lovely and thick at the ends.  You may want more than one hair piece if you are looking to make your hair a lot thicker.

  • 3 clips on one piece of hair; each piece is 6" wide
  • 1 piece of hair per set
  • Treat as normal hair - wash, curl, style
  • The Hair Piece is Double Drawn so it is lovely and thick at the ends.
  • All our hair meets high ethical standards. 

There are two length options available in 18 inches in length and 22 inches in length.  The 18 inch Hair Piece has 25 grams of hair and the 22 inch Hair Piece has 35 grams of hair.

Need a full set of extensions?  Try our #99j Classic, Triple Weft Hair Extensions.

*Please note, the hair in the video shows a full set of Classic Human Hair Extensions, you can find these in the link above.

**Discounted/ Sale Hair Extensions. 
The sale sets are at a reduced price as they are from our older range of hair pieces, and the newer range now has more hair per piece.  The 18 inch discounted Hair Pieces are at a bargain price so get them while they last.

Price: £14.99

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Catherine, our company director says, "The Hair Piece is a great way to add more hair to your own hair if you wish to make your hair thicker.  You may not need a whole head of hair with our full hair extensions sets and may only want to add one or two hair pieces.  So we have created our Hair Pieces as an option and a cheaper way for you to achieve thicker hair.  Our Mahogany Red Hair Piece is a beautiful dark red colour, known as Cherry Red, Dark Plum or a Burgundy colour with a purple tone, the Hair Pieces are also a great way to add colour to your hair."