#4 Dark Brunette - Clip in Hair Piece

Celebrity Match:  Angeline Jolie

Our 18 and 22 inch Dark Brunette Hair Piece will allow you to add more volume and thickness to your hair.  New and improved triple weft hair extensions for more hair and less clips. Straight and shiny human hair extensions.

  • 3 clips on one piece of hair; each piece is 6" wide
  • 1 piece of hair per set
  • 18 inch - 25 grams of 100% human hair
    22 inch - 35 grams of 100% human hair
  • Treat as normal hair - wash, curl, style
  • Triple Weft - 18" or 22" in length - can cut to your hair length


All our hair meets high ethical standards.

Need a full set of extensions?  Try our #4 Classic, Triple Weft Hair Extensions.

*Please note, the hair in the video shows a full set of Classic Human Hair Extensions, you can find these in the link above.


Price: £19.99

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