Eylure - Brow Pencil and Eyebrow Brush

The Eylure Shape and Shade brow pencil has a natural colour pencil on one end and a built-in brush on the other.  This Brow Pencil is very easy to use and will give great definition to your brow.  Depending on your natural hair colour, this pencil can help to darken your eyebrows, or just define them.  It is ideal for a firm, textured look and will build up colour nicely. 

  • Available in Dark Brown or Soft Brown
  • Easy to use and for professionally finished brows
  • Brow pencil for precise eyebrow shading
  • Eyebrow brush for shaping and taming your brows
  • Great value for perfect brows

Both the Dark Brown and Soft Brown Pencils provide a very natural colour and will blend well with your own lashes.

Price: £5.45

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Our company director says: “I can't live without this eyebrow pencil!  It gives definition to my eyebrows and it is so easy to apply.  It is also perfect to use when I am on TV and for modelling jobs as the darker effect means my eyebrows stand out even with the bright lights from the cameras.  I use the Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil, and they truly are great value for money."

How to use the Eyebrow Pencil and Eyebrow Brush

  1.  Simply fill in your brow by using small flicks (do this in the direction of your hairs) with your brow pencil.
  2.  Once you have added to your brow with the pencil you can use the brush to sweep through your brow, the brush will also even out the brow pencil's shade.
  3.  For perfect brows you can use our Brow Stencils (see the product in the pic below).  You can hold the desired brow stencil to your eyebrow and use the pencil to go round the edge of the stencil.  The Brow Stencils are great as this means you will have perfectly even brows.
  4.  Once you remove the Brow Stencil you can then fill in your brows (the same as point one).