C-Lash Volume Strip Lashes from Eylure

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The C-Lash range from Eylure is designed with a flexible and soft, adhesive band that aids application.  The invisible band is bigger than on the standard lashes, therefore providing a better foundation for the lashes to stick to the eyelid so they will remain in place all day. 

  • Medium lash length for a natural look
  • Self-adhesive lash band - simply press onto your eyelid
  • Long lasting wear
  • Ideal for Lash Replacement or those looking for an easier lash application
  • Designed by cancer survivor, Codilia Gapare for Eylure
  • Beautifully made

These lashes have been designed specifically for lash replacement but can also be used by anyone who may benefit from an easier lash application (as the adhesive is already applied) and is looking to add more volume and thickness to their own lashes.

Additional Information

How is the C-Lash Range different to normal false eyelashes?
The C-Lash range are strip lashes that have been made with a clear, self-adhesive band attached to it.  There is no need to have to fiddle around with the lash glue, as you simply can press the adhesive band onto your eyelids and it will stay in place.  The self-adhesive band provides easier application and long-lasting wear and is therefore ideal for lash replacement.  Lash Fix (eyelash glue) is also included in the pack if you wish to get more wears out of your lashes and for when the adhesive strip starts going after several wears.

Codilia says, "I created C-Lash for people just like me (cancer survivor), I found that such a little change, getting my lashes back, made me feel like I had myself back."

Who is Codilia Gapare?
Codilla Gapare is an UK based Zimbabwean entrepreneur who invented the first ever false lashes range for chemotherapy patients and those suffering hair loss, she is the founder and CEO of C-Lash.

How to Apply C-Lashes (when using just the Self-Adhesive Band)

  1. For best results, we recommend applying the lashes onto a clean and makeup free eye.
  2. Before taking of the backing on the adhesive band, measure the lashes to your own eye to check the length of the lashes is correct.  If the lashes are too long, trim the lashes before applying them.
  3. During application, it may help to lay a mirror on a flat surface and tilt your head down.
  4. Start by placing the lash on the inside of the eyes and where you want your lash line to start from.  Peal the backing off from the self-adhesive strip and start smoothing the adhesive band along your lash line towards the outer of the eyes.
  5. When happy with the placement of the lash, press the adhesive band down and smooth along so they are firmly secure to your eyelid.
  6. Repeat the process with the other eye.
  7. After application, you can apply your foundation, eyeliner or eyeshadow to help blend the band for a natural finish.
  8. While preparing your strip lashes, try not to touch the tape as this may affect the adhesive on the lash band.

How to Remove C-Lashes
To remove your C-Lashes, gently peel the lash away from your eyelid.  You can always use a warm flannel or cotton wool bud to help loosen the adhesive strip.  If you are left with any sticky residue just gently wash off with warm water, or use an eyemakeup remover on a cotton wool bud to dab over the area.

How to Apply and Remove the C-Lashes when using Lash Fix (eyelash glue).