C-Lash Volume Strip Lashes from Eylure

The C-Lash range from Eylure is designed with a flexible and soft band that aids application.  The band is bigger and provides a better foundation for the eyelashes to stick to the eyelid so they will remain in place all day.  These lashes have been designed specifically for lash replacement by can also be used by anyone who may benefit from an easier lash application.


Tips and Tricks

  • For best results, we recommend applying the lashes onto a clean and makeup free eye.
  • During application, it may help to lay a mirror on a flat surface and tilt your head down.
  • After application, you can apply your foundation, eyeliner or eyeshadow to help blend the band for a natural finish.
  • While preparing your strip lashes, try not to touch the tape as this may affect the adhesion of the lashes.


Price: £6.50

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How to Apply and Remove Strip Lashes