Breast Form Weights, Measurements and Sizes

The tables below will give you more information about the sizes of our breast forms.  You can measure the width, height, and depth of the forms against the measurements of your chest or bra to see which size is the best fit for you.  For a simple and quick guide on what size to choose based on your bra size, please see our Breast Prosthesis Quick Size Guide

Silicone Triangle Forms
Silicone Teardrop Forms
Lightweight Triangle Forms
Lightweight Teardrop Forms
Lightweight Extended Forms
Grass Seed Forms
Moulded Softie


Triangle Shape Silicone Breast Forms - Measurement Guide

The guide below lists the size of our Silicone Triangle Breast Forms and our Clear Silicone Breast Forms.  While the measurements below are an accurate representation of our breast prostheses, the recommended size may not be an exact match for you, however, we are more than happy to accept returns and process exchanges should you not get a perfect fit first time.

The "Suitable for Bra Sizes" column in the table below is referring to UK bra sizes.  For US, International and European sizes, please see our International Breast Form Size Guide.  Our International Breast Form Size Guide will also list the larger UK bra sizes.

silicone breast forms weights and measurements

The triangular breast prosthesis is a full and versatile breast that suits many body types.  The triangle shaped prostheses can be worn on either the left or right side as they are a symmetrical shape.  These triangle shaped breasts will work well for women that have fuller and more rounded breasts also known as Archetype, or for those who have a more Athletic shape.  Our triangular breast forms are an extremely popular choice with crossdressers.


Teardrop Shape Silicone Breast Forms - Measurement Guide

The table below will give you the measurements and weights of our teardrop or Pear Shaped Breast Forms, including the recommended UK cup sizes that the forms are suitable for.  While we give as accurate information as possible, please note if you do not get the fit right first time, we are more than happy to provide exchanges or returns on all of our breast forms to ensure every customer achieves their perfect fit.

For International Size Guides, please see our International Breast Form Size Guide.

Tear drop silicone breast form size guide

Our teardrop shaped breast forms are shaped with a rounder bottom and a narrower top and can be worn in several positions depending on your preferences or needs.  The teardrop breast prostheses will suit women that have Bell shaped breasts that have a natural droop and are fuller at the bottom.  They will also suit Slender breasts which are narrower and for Relaxed breasts (typically for older breasts) for which have a natural droop and not such a full breast.  As named, the teardrop breast form perfectly suits the Teardrop breast or Pear shaped breast.


Triangle Shape Lightweight Breast Forms - Measurement Guide

Our Lightweight Breast Forms are up to 35% lighter than our traditional Silicone Breast Forms and are therefore perfect for providing comfort.  The table below provides and guide to the weights and measurements you can expect from our prostheses.  While we endeavour to gather the most accurate measurements possible, please note that if you don't find the perfect breast form first time, we are more than happy to exchange or accept returns should you experience any problems.

Please note, the bra cup sizes below are in UK sizes only, for international sizes and larger UK bra sizes please see our Quick International Guide.

lightweight breast form, size guide

Our lightweight triangle breast form is a full shaped breast which should fit many body types, they are symmetrical so they can be worn on either side of the chest.  The triangle shaped breast forms work perfectly for women with round and full breasts (known as Archetype) and Athletic breasts (breasts that have more muscle and less breast tissue). 


Teardrop Shape Lightweight Breast Forms - Measurement Guide

The table below shows the measurements of our Lightweight Teardrop Breast Prostheses.  The Suitable Bra Sizes column reflects UK bra sizes, therefore, please check our International Guide for US, EU and Australian bra sizing.  We are more than happy to accept returns and exchanges should you not choose the perfect fit first time.

lightweight tear drop breast form sizes

For Relaxed, Slender and Bell breast shapes, the teardrop breast prostheses can be worn with the narrow end pointing upwards and the fuller and rounder bottom sitting in your bra.  If you have had lymph gland and tissue removal from under the arm area and from the side of the breast, the teardrop breast forms can be worn with the thinner point under the arm and the rounded and in the centre which can create a lovely rounded cleavage.  The teardrop breasts can also be positioned this way for Side Set breast shapes.


Extended Shape Lightweight Breast Forms - Measurement Guide

The measurements in the table below are taken by measuring the full width of the Extended Breast Form, from the inner of the breast to the tip of pronounced extension.  Please note, while we try to give the most accurate information as possible, if you do not achieve the right fit first time we are happy to exchange and accept returns.  Please note the "Suitable for Bra Sizes" column is referring to UK bra sizes.  For our full bra size list covering International sizes and larger sizes please see our International Breast Form Size Guide.

lightweight full breast form mastectomy size guide

Our Extended Full Breast Prosthesis is most suited to those who have undergone a mastectomy that included the removal of lymph nodes and tissue from under your arm.  The Extended Full Breasts are asymmetrical in shape, with a pronounced extension to replace tissue at the underarm area.  They are soft and lightweight making them wonderfully comfortable to wear.


Natural Grass Seed Breast Forms - Measurement Guide

The table below shows the weights and measurements of our Natural Grass Seed Breast Forms.  These forms are designed to be used as a temporary solution before reconstruction surgery or a long-term breast form after a mastectomy.  These breasts are filled with grass seeds which replicate the weight of a natural breast and filling out your bra.  The measurements are taken from the back of the breast form, so if you need to measure yourself, you will see roughly where the breast form will sit against your chest.  The bra sizes below are UK sizes, but for international sizes, please check our International Breast Form Size Guide.

natural breathable breast form

The Grass seed forms are suitable for most breast types and after most types of breast tissue removal surgery.  They can replicate both Archetype and Athletic breasts.  The triangle shape is symmetrical, and therefore, the breasts are suitable to wear on either side of the chest as either a left breast or a right breast.  They are soft and breathable making them extremely comfortable for long-term use.


Moulded Softie, Triangle Foam Breast Form - Measurement Guide

Our Moulded Softie Breast Form is adjustable to make it easier for you to get the perfect size for you.  The guide below with give you an idea of the sizes you can achieve with the small, medium, and large bra inserts.  The measurements are taken from the reverse of the form where it will sit against your chest.  The guide below shows the sizes available for UK Bra Sizes, for international sizes, please view our International Breast Form Size Guide.

The Foam Breast Form, also known as a Moulded Softie, is a super lightweight and low cost option after breast tissue removal surgery.  It is a versatile form that can be adjusted to fit perfectly and is incredibly comfortable and breathable.  The reverse of the form is made from an extra soft cotton to make gentle against your skin.


If you are struggling to find a breast prosthesis that is suitable for you, or the particular shape and size you need is out of stock, please call us on 01284 723246, or send us an email to

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