Soft Gel Chest and Elbow Pads, Round Stunt Pads - Breast Enhancers

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Our soft gel pads are perfect for tumbling around and being an action star.  They were primarily designed as breast enhancers and will fit comfortably inside the padding pockets of your bras and bikinis.  The soft silicone gel is 2 cms in thickness; providing a flattering shape to your bust while also cushioning your bust from any unwanted impacts to that area.

Our round gel pads are the perfect solution to wear when you are practicing on the gymnastic bars and they will protect your chest from any unwanted knocks and help prevent bruising to that area while you are learning.

The round shape will also fit perfectly over your elbows and can be held in place using compression/ retention sleeves.  The gel works very well in cushioning any impacts to the area as it is made from a very soft and squishy silicone.

  • 2cm in thickness and 5 inches in diameter
  • Beautifully made from soft silicone
  • Comfortable fit
  • Round gel pads perfect for chest and elbow padding

Additional Information

Our soft gel pads are perfect to have in your stunt bag as they can be used both for elbow pads and for chest pads.  They can also be used as breast enhancers if needed!

Catherine, our company founder who also works as a stunt performer and stunt double wanted to provide soft gel padding for you as she finds that it is much better at cushioning impacts compared to the harder gel options.  For big impacts you still need to wear your hard shells, and more protective pads i.e., motorcross protection gear but you will find it helps to wear the soft gel underneath.  The soft gels are also brilliant when you are unable to wear bulky pads as they are lovely and smooth.