Mini Bikini Bra Inserts

A subtle increase to your bust - great with bikini tops!

Wear our triangular bikini inserts to improve your cleavage and bust size while wearing a bikini top.  This size of breast enhancer should fit securely inside the padding pockets of your bikini top, making it possible to wear these while swimming and running around on the beach.  Excellent for creating a larger and rounder looking bust when wearing a bikini.  Suits all cup sizes.

  • A triangle shape to best suit triangle shaped bikinis
  • Washable and reusable
  • Made from 90% silicone and 10% TPU
  • Up to 2.5cm in thickness for a bigger bust
  • Size: 9cm tall and 9.5cms wide at the bottom
  • The pair of bikini bra inserts weigh 100 grams


Price: £9.99

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How to wear our Bikini Bra Inserts

You have two options with the Bikini Bra Inserts.
You can wear the bra inserts between your bikini and your skin by placing them at the bottom of your bikini.
If you are wearing a triangle shaped bikini top you can place the bikini inserts inside the padding pockets of your bikini for complete security.   To test if the inserts would fit before you buy you can measure your bikini padding pockets and then compare with the measurements for this product, listed above.