Sculpting Breast Lifts

These breast lifts are invisible under most clothing, and can give you the lift and shape you want while seemingly not wearing a bra at all.

There are 2 ways you can wear these breast lifts;
Under the Breast.  Begin by sticking the arch on the underside of your breast, and using the long tabs, pull your breast up and stick them higher up on your breast.  This will give your breast a lovely pert shape, and keep the top of your breast looking round and plump.
Above the Breast.  Stick the whole breast lift to your breast above your nipple, with the long tabs pointing down.  Gently unpeel the uppermost edge of the breast lift and stick it on again higher on your chest.  This will give your breast a great lift, while keeping the underside of your breast looking rounded.

Available in sizes A cup, B cup, C cup, D cup and DD cup.

The width of the breast lifts are measured at the widest point. The height is measured from the top to the bottom of the arch (this does not include the tabs).
A Cup     W 20cm x H 8cm
B Cup     W 20.5cm x H 8.5cm
C Cup     W 21cm x H 9cm
D Cup     W 22cm x H 10cm
DD Cup   W 23cm x H 11cm

Price: £8.99

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