Full Breast Enhancers with Nipple Raises

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Boost up to 2 cup sizes!

Wear our full cup breast enhancers for maximum cleavage.  Excellent for flat-chested women who desire a fuller chest; increases bust by up to 2 bra sizes while keeping it looking natural.  They have a concave shape at the back of the enhancers to best fit your breasts and to provide comfort. 

  • Washable and reusable
  • Full breast shape in nude with nipple raises
  • Size: 9cm tall x 13cm in length
  • 4cm wide for a much larger bust
  • Made from 90% silicone and 10% TPU
  • The pair of enhancers weigh 300 grams
  • Suitable for swimming

These breast enhancers are soft and squishy just like real breast tissue making them very comfortable to wear and giving you the most natural look.  These enhancers are the largest in our range.

Additional Information

How to wear our Full Breast Enhancers:

Place the breast enhancers between your bra and your skin and they will fit comfortably around your breast.  For best fit you may require a slightly larger bra cup.

Our Full Breast Enhancers also work well for women that have had a lumpectomy and wish to restore their shape but do not need a full breast form.