Breast Enhancers - Complete Set

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3 pairs of different sized breast enhancers in one pack.  Wear the mini fillets for a subtle increase to your cleavage, wear the chicken fillets to help increase your bust by up to one cup size and the full breast enhancers for up to two cup sizes, for an instant WOW factor.

With this complete set you are buying the chicken fillets and the full breast enhancers and then receiving the small fillets completely free, Saving £8.99!

  • Washable and reusable
  • Made from 90% silicone and 10% TPU 
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Our small fillets and the chicken fillets are available in nude or clear, the full breast enhancers come only in nude with a smooth finish or a nipple raise.
  • Buy the chicken fillets and full breast enhancers and receive the bra fillets for FREE.  Save £8.99!

This set of breast enhancers are all made from silicone so are soft and comfortable to wear.  They are ideal for you, if you need help giving your bust a boost or need help filling a bra or to help fill out your wedding dress.  Guaranteed to raise your profile!

Additional Information

Catherine, our company director says, “having a range of different sized breast enhancers is really useful, with the small fillets I can fit those inside my bra padding pockets which is useful if you need to ensure they won't slide out.  The medium sized and larger breast enhancer are useful for when a bigger increase to my bust is needed.  With film work and modelling I never know what size of bra or bikini top or clothing I am going to be given so it is useful to always be prepared."


How to wear breast enhancers:

Place the breast enhancers between your bra and your skin and they will fit comfortably around your breast.  For best fit you may require a bigger bra.  The mini chicken fillets in the set will also fit in the bra pockets of your bra for added security.