100% Natural, Grass Seed Breast Forms

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Perfect for comfort

Our soft and lightweight breast forms are filled with grass seed for an eco-friendly and natural alternative to our foam breast forms.  The grass seeds are the perfect solution for a breathable breast form, providing a massaging and comfortable feel, making them great to wear while taking part in physical activities such as running.

  • Lovely and soft - ideal to wear for relaxing and sleeping
  • A perfect temporary or long-term breast form
  • Light and breathable to wear
  • Eco friendly - grass seed filling
  • Hand washable
  • Can be worn on either side
  • Fits all shapes of breasts due to moulding to your shape.

Please view our Prosthesis Size Guide to help choose the best size for you.
For more detailed information on the sizes of our breast forms please see our Breast Prosthesis Weights and Measurements.
For further information on cleaning and storing your breast forms, please see our Caring for your Breast Prosthesis page.

Additional Information

Our Grass Seed Breast Forms are Perfect for:

  • Our foam and grass seed breast forms are our lightweight alternatives to our silicone breast forms, therefore making them great to wear for running, walking and physical activity. 
  • They are lovely and soft making them ideal to wear while sleeping.
  • The grass seeds allow air to circulate, therefore these breast forms are great to wear in warmer weather as they will keep you cooler than our silicone alternatives.
  • These breast prostheses are environmentally friendly as a natural grass seed filling is used rather than a plastic filling.
  • A perfect design for women with round, full breasts, and women with athletic breasts.  These soft breast forms fit all breast shapes due to the flexibility of the grass seeds which mould to your desired shape.

Grass Seed Breast Forms
The breast forms are made from polyester with a cassia lining.  They have a grass seed filling.  The grass seeds are baked at a high temperature to ensure they will not react to moisture in the form.

How to wear your Grass Seed Breast Forms:
The breast forms are suitable to be worn inside most bras.  To keep them securely in place it is best to wear a mastectomy bra that is designed with pockets to insert the breasts forms into.

How to wash your Grass Seed Breast Forms:
Please hand wash your prosthesis with warm water and mild soap.  Thoroughly rinse and then gently squeeze out an excess water.  Do not tumble dry, leave to air dry.

If we do not have your size in stock for our Natural, Grass Seed Breast Forms please check our search on the main page for other breast protheses in your size, or please email us at info@undercover-glamour.com to request your size and we can hopefully make it for you.  We also offer other colours, shapes and and styles which you can view on our main Breast Prostheses page.
If you would like more support please visit Breast Cancer Care, they are a wonderful charity to help you through this unsettling time.