Lightweight Breast Forms - Teardrop Breast Prosthesis

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Our Lightweight Breast Prostheses are up to 35% lighter than our standard silicone breast forms making them very comfortable to wear.  They are soft and supple just like real breasts for the most comfortable, natural look and feel.  The Teardrop prosthesis is very versatile for a variety of surgery types; it can be worn with the extended point facing upwards or most commonly, the extended point is worn under the arm to substitute any side tissue removal.  We also sell a cheaper alternative to this product in the same shape, Breast Prosthesis - Teardrop Breast. 

  • Available in AA cup to H cup.
  • Lovely and soft for a natural and life-like feel
  • Symmetrical shape - can be worn either side
  • Up to 35% lighter than traditional silicone breast forms
  • Each breast form has a concave back for added comfort
  • Low/Average Profile
  • Perfect for swimming and sports as extra lightweight*
  • Best worn with a mastectomy bra/ swimsuit that has pockets for support
  • Available to purchase individually or as a pair depending on your needs

If you are unsure of which size to choose, please view our Prosthesis Size Guide.
For more detailed information on the sizes of our prosthetics, please see our Breast Prosthesis Weights and Measurements.
For information on storing and caring for your breast forms, please see our Caring for your Breast Prosthesis page.

Additional Information

We are the number one supplier of breast forms, providing AA to H cups worldwide.  The breast forms are suitable for use after a mastectomy, and the innovative design makes them 35% lighter than our full silicone prostheses.  The lightweight breast prostheses are made from 0.22% foam powder and 99.78% silicone with a TPU (plastic film) outer covering, providing you with a soft and comfortable, and lovely shaped solution.

The teardrop breast forms are suitable for Bell shaped breasts, Slender, Relaxed (dropped/ older breast shapes), and Teardrop breasts.  The teardrop breast forms can also be worn with the narrower part under the arm and the fuller part where the breast is.  The teardrop breasts can also be positioned for Side set breast shapes.

If we do not have your size in stock please check our main Breast Prostheses page for other breast forms in your size, or alternatively please email us at to request your size and we can make it for you.

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