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Breast Form Size Guide - UK

Breast Forms and Breast Prosthesis FAQ - How to Choose the Right Breast Form for you.

We understand it can be hard to choose the correct breast forms or prosthesis first time, but there is no risk as you can return or exchange your item if you get the wrong shape or size.  Please refer to our breast form size guide when choosing a prosthesis and please read through our helpful FAQs below.

Why breast forms?
Our silicone breast forms are great for acting as either a long term replacement breast after breast removal surgery, or a short-term replacement whilst waiting for breast reconstruction surgery.  The breast prostheses can be used to restore your natural balance and shape.  Our silicone breast forms are also very popular with crossdressers and widely used in the film and TV industry.  At Undercover Glamour you can find many shapes, sizes and colours to suit most peoples preferences.  We have recently developed darker shades of breast forms to increase the supply for people of colour and those with tanned skin.  Many of our customers had shared with us that they have struggled to find prostheses that are darker and could only get forms of lighter colour options.  We are so proud to say that we have been able to broaden the selection of breast forms to cater to so many more people.

What breast form shape should I choose?
We have several shapes of breast prosthesis available depending on your needs.  The triangular prosthesis is a full breast shape which is versatile and will fit many types of breast shape.  The triangle shaped breast prostheses are symmetrical so they can be worn on either side.  The triangle shaped breast forms work well for women with round and full breasts (known as Archetype, the most common type) and Athletic breasts (breasts that have more muscle and less breast tissue).

Our triangle shaped breast forms are a more popular choice with crossdressers probably due to them being wider in shape and they work well with more athletic frames.

Our teardrop shaped breast forms are another versatile shape, as they are shaped with a rounder bottom and a thinner top they can be worn in several ways.  The teardrop breast suits women that have Bell shaped breasts (breast is fuller at the top than the bottom), Slender breasts (breasts are narrow and long, with the nipples pointing downwards) and for Relaxed breasts (due to age the breasts have looser breast tissue and now hang downwards).  And as described, the teardrop breast form also suits the teardrop breast shape.  For these breast shapes the teardrop breast prostheses can be worn with the thinner part pointing upwards and the fuller and rounder bottom at the lower point.

The teardrop breast forms can also be worn with the thinner point under the arm and the fuller part where the breast is.  It can be worn this way if you have had lymph gland tissue removal from under the arm area, and from the side of the breast.  The teardrop breasts can also be positioned for Side set breast shapes.

I have had underarm lymph gland removal which breast form do you recommend?
Our Extended Full Breast Prosthesis works best if you have undergone a mastectomy which involved removing the tissue from under your arm.  The Extended Full Breasts are asymmetrical in shape, with a pronounced extension to replace tissue at the underarm area.  They are also lightweight so very comfortable to wear.

Are the breast prostheses suitable for post-mastectomy surgery?
Yes. Whether you have had your breasts removed due to cancer or preventative/ prophylactic surgery like Angelina Jolie, our replacement breasts are a perfect solution for restoring your shape and confidence. Our breast prostheses are very soft and realistic, just like a natural breast. They can be purchased as an individual breast or as a pair depending on your needs.  We also supply lightweight breast prostheses which are perfect for larger breasted women as they give the fuller size without the extra weight.  Our lightweight breast prostheses are about 2/3 of the weight of the silicone breast forms.

What size of breast form should I order?
We offer A cup to H cup breast forms, if you require a larger size please contact us and we will be happy to help.  Please see our size guide tables to help you find the best fitting prosthesis.  Our lightweight range of breast prostheses are available in the bigger sizes and are great for the larger bust due to being about a 1/3 lighter than the silicone breast forms.  You have the option to buy one breast prosthesis or a pair depending on your needs.

Our size 8 and size 9 silicone breast forms are the most popular with crossdressers probably as these are the most common UK bust sizes.  The average UK bust size is now a 36DD.  Our size 8 breast forms fit a full 34DD, 36D bra, 38C bra, and our size 9 breast forms fit a full 34E, 36DD bra, 38D bra.

What is the difference between your silicone breast forms and your lightweight breast forms?
Our silicone breast forms are the most life-like of all our breast forms and are made from a silicone substance which is soft and squishy that feels like natural breast tissue. The silicone breast forms also have a realistic looking areola and nipple raise.  The lightweight breast forms are about 1/3 lighter than the silicone breast forms so these are popular with women as it is less weight to carry around.  The lightweight breast forms are also soft but not quite as squishy as the silicone breast forms.  Both styles are designed to fill out your bra cup and restoring your natural shape and balance.

I have had a partial mastectomy, what sized breast forms should I choose?
We have a range of breast enhancers, chicken fillets for bras, and bra inserts that are a half cup shape in design which will help fill the space in your bra and balance you, please view to see our full range.

I had reconstruction surgery to match my other breast, I have since lost weight so now my real breast is smaller, what do you suggest to balance my bust?
We have a range of different sizes of breast enhancers and bra inserts which will help fill your bra out and match you to your reconstruction breast.  Depending on the difference between your actual breast and your reconstruction breast will depend on the size of enhancer you need, please note our measurements of each breast enhancer on the product pages.

Are the breast forms heavy?
The silicone breast forms are about the same weight as real breasts.  For example, 36E cup and 34F cup breasts weigh approximately 750 grams per breast so 1.5kgs for the pair.  Our size 10 silicone breast forms that fit a full 36E/34F cup weigh 800 grams per breast (so 50 grams heavier than the average 36E/ 34F natural breast weight).  Our lightweight breast forms are approximately 35% lighter than your natural breast weight.  You can view the weights and sizes of the breast forms at

Can I swim while wearing my breast prosthesis/ prostheses?
Yes, the silicone breast forms are completely waterproof.  After swimming in a pool make sure you rinse the breast forms to clean any chlorine off, and then towel dry.  There is a large market for mastectomy swimwear, and the variety is increasing all the time.  Our silicone breast forms are ideal for wearing with your mastectomy swimwear.

I want to exercise but I don’t want to be flat chested on one side/ asymmetrical, what can I do?
Whilst many women may feel self-conscious about exercising without a breast following a single mastectomy, there are many specially designed mastectomy sports bras that are ideally suited to Undercover Glamour’s breast forms. This means that if you have had a mastectomy you can still be active and play sports which is increasingly important in protecting your health and well-being.

Can I wear my normal bra with the breast forms?
The simple answer is yes, however mastectomy bras are better as they have a pocket sewn into the bra to hold and conceal the breast prosthesis and stop it from moving around.  Alternatively, if you have a ‘favourite’ bra that you would like to wear the breast forms in you can purchase Sew-In Bra Pockets to alter your normal bra so that the breast form is fully secured in place just like a mastectomy bra.

Are the breast forms comfortable?
Customers who have worn them before, sometimes say that the prosthesis can be cold and heavy when you first put them in your bra, but this feeling usually goes away quickly as the temperature from your body warms them up and so they mould to your body and bra just like normal breast tissue would, leaving you feeling comfortable.

Do they stick on?
No. These breasts are made specifically for putting into bras and swimwear, in particular mastectomy clothing. If you are looking for stick on bras with padding or for a silicone stick on bra, please view are range here,

Can I wash my breast forms?
Yes. We recommend that you do wash your breast forms to keep them clean.  Hand-wash the silicone breast forms with warm water and mild soap and then dry with a towel.

Can you send the breast forms in unbranded packaging?
Your breast forms will be shipped discreetly in a plain, unmarked box with no identifying labels.  When shipping abroad on the customs label we put "lingerie accessory."

Do many people wear prosthetic breasts?
Breast cancer is also the most common cancer in the UK.  It represented 15% of all new cancer cases in 2017.  In the UK around 54,700 new cases of breast cancer in women were diagnosed in 2017, please see for more facts and statistics. 

According to a 2014 study said that "56% of women had reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy, and 44% didn't."  So that is 44% of women that either choose to do nothing or decide to wear a breast prosthesis or breast forms.

Breast forms in the TV and Film industry
Breast enhancers and breast forms are often used in the film and TV industry to enhance actresses' busts to fit a role they play, or for body doubles and stunt doubles to match the actress's body shape.  Catherine, our founder also works as a stunt double and has worn large breast forms to double actresses that have much bigger busts than her.  Also, when men double female actresses then breast forms can be used to give them a matching feminine shape.