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10 Reasons to choose Undercover Glamour's Breast Enhancers

  1.  Perfect for enhancing your bust and cleavage!
  2.  Our beautiful range of breast enhancers are perfect for helping to fill out a bra or dress.
  3.  Lots of styles, including pads for bikinis and gel enhancers.
  4.  Lots of sizes available.
  5.  Environmentally friendly packaging used.
  6.  Accurate information due to over 11 years experience and listening to customer feedback.
  7.  Long lasting and beautifully made.
  8.  Our breast enhancers are washable and reusable.
  9.  Returns and exchanges are accepted.
  10.  Trust - we have been providing our customers with breast enhancers, and lingerie accessories for over 11 years.

See what our beautiful customers have to say on our testimonial page.


What size of breast enhancer should I go for?
We have a range of sizes and different shapes of breast enhancers and pads for bikinis, you can use our search function to help look for your needs, as you can search via size and type.

Our silicone bra and bikini inserts will add a subtle increase to your bust. These are our smallest breast enhancers and bikini pads, they are ideal for everyday use as they will fit inside most bra pockets and bikini tops and therefore are completely secure and perfect for wearing at all times.  Our Mini Bra Inserts can be worn at the gym, while running and playing sport.

Our medium enhancers, also know as chicken fillets for bras will boost your bust by up to one cup size and will help create a cleavage.  You wear the chicken fillets by placing them at the bottom of your bra, they will not fit in the padding pockets of bras as they are too big.   Our medium sized breast enhancers are great for a night out and for special occasions, and to give you that extra boost of confidence.

Our full breast enhancers are our largest enhancers and they will help you achieve maximum cleavage.  Our full breast enhancers are great if you are flat-chested as they will give you a lovely shape to your bust.  The full breast enhancers are also ideal if you need help filling your bra or filling your dress around the bust area.  The bra enhancers will increase your bust by up to two cup sizes.

What are the best bras to wear with breast enhancers?
For the Mini Bra Inserts, Mini Bikini Inserts and the Pads for Bikinis wear a bra or bikini that has padding pockets so you can securely place the bra inserts and bikini inserts inside.  Our small enhancers will fit inside the padding pockets of most bras and bikinis.

For our medium and large breast enhancers, you will find the best bras to wear are high cut, t-shirt and underwired bras.  This style of bra will hold your breast enhancers and chicken fillets securely in place and the enhancers will not be visible.  For our medium sized enhancers see our Gel Breast Enhancers and Chicken Fillets for Bras.  For our large breast enhancers see our Full shaped Breast Enhancers.

Do I need a larger bra for my breast enhancers?
This depends on how much space you have in your bra and what size breast enhancers you choose and on personal preference.  If you are already bursting out of your bra cups it is likely you will need a larger bra to allow for the extra padding.  However, if you still have plenty of space in your bra cups then your current bra size should work fine.

Are breast enhancers and chicken fillets comfortable?
If you are wearing the correct bra size you will not even notice that you are wearing the breast enhancers or chicken fillets apart from having a bigger chest! Our breast enhancers and chicken fillets are very comfortable and they feel good against your skin; our Soft Touch Gel Breast Enhancers feel like real breast tissue therefore making them really comfortable and a flexible fit inside your bra.

Is it going to be noticeable that I am wearing breast enhancers or chicken fillets and will they distort the shape of my breasts?
If you are wearing the correct fitting bra for your new found fuller bust they will reflect a larger looking pair of natural breasts and look great. Please view our ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots on the product pages to see the difference.  You can compare the difference between the Mini Bra Inserts, the Chicken Fillets for Bras and the Full Breast Enhancers to see the amazing difference.

Which Breast Enhancers do you recommend?
This really depends on what you are looking for and your needs.  Our personal favourite are the Soft Touch Gel Breast Enhancers for their soft feel.  Please see below for the different reasons you may want to enhance your bust.

Breast Enhancers for Bikinis
We have a great range of pads for bikinis, we have silicone and foam options, small and larger options.  We have added to our range with triangle shaped bikini enhancers which are perfect for triangle shaped bikini tops.  The smaller options will fit in most bikini bra pockets so they will be more suitable for swimming, and running around on the beach, see our Mini Bikini Bra Inserts. 

Chicken Fillets for Bras
We have a range of chicken fillets which are our medium sized breast enhancers. These are great for adding more to your bust and creating a lovely shape to your bust. Our Gel Breast Enhancers and Foam Breast Enhancers will increase your bust by up to one cup size.  Our Full Breast Enhancers will increase your bust by up to 2 cup sizes.

Breast Enhancers for Bridal Bras
Our breast enhancers are very popular with brides on their wedding day.  It is common for a bride to loose weight to her bust prior to her big day and then you may find you have the last minute problem of your wedding dress gaping at the front.  This can easily be solved with our breast enhancers.  If wearing a strapless bra our Foam Breast Enhancers are perfect as they are very light so they won't weigh down on the strapless bra.  We also have a great range of bridal padded stick on bras that are perfect to wear with strapless bridal gowns.

Breast Enhancers for Lumpectomies
If you have had a small lump removed due to a Lumpectomy you may find our breast enhancers will be the perfect solution to balance you.  If you are looking for breast enhancers for a mastectomy please view our breast form range.  A Lumpectomy is an operation to remove the cancer and some normal tissue around it (some of the breast), whereas a mastectomy is the full removal of the breast.

Breast Enhancers used by Models, Actresses, Stylists and the Film and TV industry
Our breast enhancers are widely used in the Film and TV industry and an important piece in a clothing stylist's kit bag.  Catherine, our founder has worked as a model for 16 years and also as a stunt performer and she always has a range of breast enhancers in her kit bag.  They have been the perfect solution when she has been given bras to model for lingerie shoots and the bras have been too big, slipping in some enhancers instantly fills the bra out and helps with a cleavage making the shot more appealing.  Breast enhancers are also the perfect solution if you are doubling an actress with a bigger bust as they help create the same silhouette.  Our Complete set of Breast Enhancers is a really great value for money if you wish to have all the size options, as you get the Mini Bra Inserts for free.

Can I wash my breast enhancers and chicken fillets?
Yes. We recommend that you do wash your breast enhancers and chicken fillets to keep them hygienic.  Hand wash the silicone breast enhancers with warm water and mild soap, rinse and then dry with a towel.  To wash the foam pads for bikinis and bras, hand wash with a mild delicate hand wash detergent, rinse, then squeeze all the excess water out and leave to air dry.

What are breast enhancers and chicken fillets made from?
The silicone breast enhancers and chicken fillets for bras are made from 90% silicone and 10% TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes – the outer covering).