High Waisted Bottom Enhancers

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The padded knickers turn flat bottoms into shapely, round ones, achieving a stunning celebrity look without the high cost of plastic surgery! Your bottom can be just as bootylicious as Beyonce's or Kim Kardashian's. With the added benefit of a tummy control waistline, they will suck you in at the waist and enhance your bottom even more.

  • Increases the circumference of your bottom by one inch.
  • The thickest part of the padding is 2 cms wide.
  • Made from Lycra for a comfy and figure hugging fit.
Additional Information

How to Wear:

You can wear your bottom enhancing knickers either with a pair of cotton knickers underneath or with nothing under them.

How to Wash:

To prolong the life of the bottom enhancers it is recommended to handwash them with a gentle fabric wash.