Brow Stencils for Precise Brow Shaping by Eylure

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These Brow Stencils are perfect to use to give your brows shape and style.  There are 4 different arch shapes in the set, from a slim brow shape to a thicker brow shape, there will be a shape that fits the outline of your brow.  You simply hold the stencil over your eyebrow and use your brow pencil to draw an outline around the edge of the stencil, this way you will have perfectly even brows.  You then remove the brow stencil and you can use your brow pencil to fill in your brows and then a brow brush to smooth the look, see below for our detailed 'How to Use Brow Stencils' step by step guide. 

The pack includes 4 different brow shaped stencils;

  • Slim Arch
  • Medium Arch
  • High Arch
  • Full Arch

The brow stencils are very easy to use and they are reusable, they are the easy way to have perfectly shaped brows.  Application guidelines & tips included in pack. 

Additional Information

How to choose the right Brow Stencil?

You have 4 options of stencil shape.  Try all the stencils to see which shape is best for you.  The inner section of the brow stencil should match up to the invisible line to the centre of your nostril.  The outer section of the brow stencil should have an invisible line going diagonally to meet the corner of your eye, and keep on going to meet the other invisible line at the centre of your nostril.  Just by holding the stencils over your brows you should be able to see which has the best shape for your brows.

How to Use your Brow Stencil:

You will also need a brow pencil and some tweezers (see product pics below).

1.  Once the brow stencil is on and you are holding it in the correct place, use your brow pencil to make an outline, follow the shape of the stencil.
2.  Now you have the outline, you can remove your brow stencil.
3.  Use your tweezers to remove any unwanted hairs outside of your brow outline.  Tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
4.  Fill in the brow by using small flicks of your brow pencil.
5.  If you have Eylure's brow pencil, you will also have the eyebrow brush on the other end.  Use this to brush through and blend.
6.  Brushing your brows will help blend in the outline you created for a more natural finish.
7.  Apply more colour with your eyebrow pencil or brow shades if you want more colour and thickness.
8.  And now you should have perfectly shaped brows.